Stainless Steel Metal Kitchenware Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Stainless Steel Metal Kitchenware Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
  • Model:BY-2203271544
  • Brand:Boya Laser
  • Port:Foshan, China
  • Production Capacity: 200sets/Month


1. Optional high-low exchange platform, one exchange only takes 15 seconds, European standard design, enhance corporate image.
2. Simple integrated design: laser air-conditioned room design, longer life.

3. We strive for perfection in every detail. We will create industrial products according to the requirements of luxury goods.

4. The bed adopts 600 ℃ high temperature heat treatment, 12m gantry milling finishing, 24 hours cooling with the furnace, to ensure that the machine will not be deformed after long-term use, and the acceleration

Up to 1.5G.

5. Raycus laser, multi-module design, 100,000 hours life.

6. Cast aluminum beam: 6 tons of steel mold low pressure casting, good rigidity, compared with traditional welded iron beam, cast aluminum beam is 1/2 of the weight of welded iron beam

Application industry: metal cutting, electrical switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household appliance manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, tool processing and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.

Applicable materials: professionally used for cutting a variety of thin metal sheets, high-quality cutting of 0.5~22mm carbon steel sheet, 0.5~16mm stainless steel sheet, and also cutting aluminum alloy sheet, galvanized sheet, electrolytic sheet, silicon steel, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet , thin brass plate and other metal materials.

Industry application:

Used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway accessories, automobiles, food machinery, textile machinery, construction machinery, precision accessories, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tool processing, decoration, advertising , metal external processing, kitchen utensils processing and other manufacturing and processing industries.

Processing material:

Cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, pickling sheet, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal sheets and pipes.

Equipment working environment requirements:

Ambient temperature: 10~35℃ relative

Humidity: ≤80%

Equipment noise meets national standards

Oil mist: ≤15mg/m?

The working environment of the equipment should be equipped with a ventilation and dust removal device to prevent damage to the components in the equipment.

Equipment installation, adjustment and acceptance:

1. Installation and adjustment: Party B shall be responsible for the installation and adjustment of equipment at Party A's site. Party A shall provide all necessary support and assistance in the installation and adjustment of the equipment to ensure the smooth completion of the adjustment of the whole system.

2. Acceptance: Acceptance will be carried out at Party A, and both parties will conduct acceptance according to the [RFL Laser C500 Cutting Speed ​​Comparison Table] and meet the basic requirements of Party A. After the final acceptance of the equipment, both parties sign the acceptance report.

On-site installation and adjustment conditions of the equipment (prepared by the user):

In order to effectively protect the rights and interests of Party A and Party B, Party A should meet the installation and adjustment conditions of Party B's equipment before Party B's equipment arrives at the site of use by Party A:

1. Power supply: three-phase five-wire 380V±10%, 50Hz, air switch 75A, wire diameter 16 square.

2. Purified water: 50L.

3. Site requirements: indoor, no large vibration source, no oil mist.

4. The air outlet is reserved on site with a diameter of 250mm.

5. Factory door requirements: the width of the door is ≧2800mm, and the height is ≧2000mm.

6. Equipment site requirements: 10m×5m, excluding material racks and loading and unloading areas.

7. The whole equipment is about 3000kg. Please arrange unloading equipment and empty the installation site.

8. Cutting gas requirements: Oxygen 8bar, Nitrogen 25bar.

After-sales service management method:

1. Our company will provide free training for relevant personnel of your company;

2. Our company is responsible for free installation of equipment, free software upgrades, and lifetime maintenance;

3. The warranty period of this equipment is one year (except for wearing parts: optical lenses, cutting nozzles, etc.), the laser generator is guaranteed for 2 years, and the accessories within the warranty period will be replaced by Party B free of charge.

4. The hardware equipment purchased by Party A from Party B, the improper operation of Party A's personnel, or the maintenance items damaged by human beings are not covered by the free warranty.

After-sales service response time: within 2 hours, after receiving the user's repair call, the after-sales engineer will have a clear answer within 24 hours or arrive at the equipment site.

5. Party B's technicians will provide Party A with on-site equipment installation and commissioning for about seven days, as well as personnel training. During this period, the room and board expenses of Party B's technicians shall be provided by Party A.


Product model number: BY-3015 series (300/500/750/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000W)
Action object: Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum plate, copper, silver, titanium and other metal materials
Usage Cost: 9 yuan per hour for electricity and 14 yuan for oxygen
Productivity: 1mm stainless steel cutting 23 meters per minute
After-sales service: The equipment is guaranteed for three years from the date of installation and commissioning. If the equipment is damaged or malfunctioned, the company promises to provide users with solutions within 24 hours and provide maintenance services for life.
Serial Number Name Origin/Brand Notes
1 Laser Raycus/Maxphotonics (500-4000W)
Optional IPG laser
2 System Shanghai Weihong Cutting System  
3 Cutting Head Wan Shun Xing  
4 Focusing Lens US Original  
5 Collimator US Original  
6 Motor Panasonic  
7 Gears Germany  
8 Rack Taiwan  
9 Reducer Germany  
10 Linear guides Taiwan  
11 Solenoid valve Japan  
12 Proportional valve United States  
13 Chiller Shenzhen Dongluyang  
14 Bed Hua Yucheng  
15 Computer Special for Lenovo  
Performance parameters YCGQ-3015 YCGQ-4020 YCGQ-6020
Fiber Laser Laser power (optional) IPG:500W-4000W
Wuhan Raycus or Shenzhen Maxphotonics: 500W-4000W
Working width and working range Machine Format (L×W) 3000×1500mm 4000×2000mm 6000×2000mm
X-axis travel 1500mm 2000mm 2000mm
Y-axis travel 3000mm 4000mm 6000mm
Z-axis travel 100mm 100mm 100mm
Accuracy X, Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
X, Y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm
Speed X/Y axis positioning speed 80m/min 80m/min 80m/min
X, Y axis acceleration 0.8G 0.8G 0.8G
Power parameters Number of Phases 3
Power supply rated voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Total power protection level IP54
Weights and Dimensions Table load 500kg 750KG 1000KG
Machine Weight 4.0T 6.0T 8.0T
Approximate dimensions Length: 5000mm
Width: 2600mm
Height: 1850mm
Length: 6000mm
Width: 3100mm
Height: 1850mm
Length: 8200mm
Width: 3200mm
Height: 1850mm


Frequently Asked Questions

When the machine can't work well, what should I do?

1. The Engineer is online for 24-hours, they can check the problems and then give you solution way very soon.
2. All our machines have two years' warranty, If there is any problems of machine parts under "normal use", new machine parts will be sent by air for free.
3. Please rest assured that operation CD and manual will be offered along with machine, ensuring you can operate the machine easily.

Are you factory or trading company?

We are factory with 10 years experience. Also equipment with a comprehensive network of marketing channels for domestic and foreign customers with complete and quick sale service.

Where is your facotry located in? How can I visit there?

No. 8, 5th Road, Gaocun Industrial Zone, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. We can pick you up from GuangZhou airport to our factory, You are warmly welcome to visit us! ! !

How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the end.
1). All raw material we used are environmental-friendly;
3). Quality Control Department specially responsible for quality checking in each process.And we have CE, FDA, ISO9001, SGS certification.

What is the delivery time?

We have standard models in stock, will delivery within 5-7 working days. For un-standard models, we will delivery within 10-15 working days.

How long can I expect to get the sample?

We ensure that the samples could be done within 1-2 days once we receive the sample from your side.

How can I get Machine's spare parts?

There are two methods. Spare Parts ordered together with the machine, this is the safest way to transport the parts. The other way is you can inform us when you need to replace the consumables, we will send them to you within 24 working hours.

Why buy our products?

♥ We order all our products directly from factory, no agents,no middleman, which guarantee the lowest prices for our customers.
♥ We have 2 large warehouses & nearly one million worth of stocks ready to go.
♥ We are looking for distributors USA, Australia and some area around the world, contact us for more detail.
♥ For group buy for schools and club purchases up to a certain amount, we will offer a great discount.
♥ Customers can choose to join our membership program for reward points or discounts and we offer VIP sales or events for our members.
If you have any questions,please feel free to contact me!

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