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How much is an automatic laser welding machine?
24 / 04 / 22
By Boya laser

How much is an automatic laser welding machine?

With the continuous development of laser technology, the application of automatic Laser welding machines is becoming more and more extensive, and it is used in many industries, such as aviation industry, bathroom industry, electronics, electrical industry, jewelry industry and so on. Since Laser welding machines are so popular, how much does an automatic Laser welding machine cost? How to buy automatic laser welding equipment? Let’s follow the editor to learn about it.

1. How much is an automatic Laser welding machine?

The price of automatic Laser welding machine is not uniform, mainly related to the following factors:

1. Power

Laser is the core of Laser equipment. Laser welding machine can be divided into various power welding, including 200 watt mold welding, 500 watt pulse welding, 1500 watt fiber continuous welding and other different powers. The higher the power, the higher the price. Because the higher the power, the higher the requirements for the laser rod and cooling system.

2. Configuration

The configuration of the Laser welding machine involves many aspects. The configuration of the Laser welding machine for different purposes is different, such as the mold welding of the welding mold, the jewelry welding of the welding jewelry, the galvanometer welding in the automatic welding machine, and the optical fiber transmission Laser welding machine. Wait, the configuration of the equipment is not the same, the price is naturally different.

3. Machine Type

Automatic welding machines are generally more expensive than manual welding machines because automatic control systems, CCD camera monitoring systems and other supporting automation configurations are required.

4. Control software

The control software of automatic Laser welding machine has multi-axis linkage and single-axis. Different models are configured according to customer needs. There is a big gap between multi-axis and single-axis, and the price will also be very different. Some customers need to carry out multi-facets in the welding process, supporting automated workbenches, etc., and changes in demand will also affect the price of the entire Laser welding machine.

5. Brand

The brand of accessories can also affect the offer. Imported ones are usually more expensive than domestic ones, and domestic prices are also uneven. It can be said that the price of accessories can vary a lot. The automatic Laser welding machine is also equipped with a workbench. The workbench is a non-standard product and needs to be designed according to the customer's product and the price is not fixed.

The above points are the direct factors that affect the price of welding machines. After confirming the above points, the specific price of the Laser welding machine can be said. However, the price of the conventional Laser welding machine on the market generally ranges from 70,000 to 130,000. Customers can choose according to their own needs.
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