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What are the technical parameters of the laser welding machine?
19 / 03 / 22
By Boya laser

What are the technical parameters of the laser welding machine?

  ​What are the technical parameters of Laser welding machine? Laser welding machine, also known as Laser welding machine, Laser welding machine, is a machine for laser material processing. Laser welding machines are widely used in the processing of dental dentures, keyboard welding, silicon steel sheet welding, sensor welding, battery sealing cover welding and so on. However, the cost of Laser welding machines is high, and the precision requirements for workpiece assembly are also high, and there are still limitations in these aspects.

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1.power density

Power density is one of the most critical parameters in laser processing. With higher power densities, the surface layer can be heated to the boiling point in the microsecond time range, resulting in a large amount of vaporization. Therefore, high power density is beneficial for material removal processes such as punching, cutting, and engraving. For lower power density, it takes several milliseconds for the surface temperature to reach the boiling point. Before the surface vaporizes, the bottom layer reaches the melting point, which is easy to form a good fusion weld. Therefore, in conduction laser welding, the power density is in the range of 104~106W/cm2.

2.Pulse waveform

Pulse waveform is an important issue in welding, especially for thin sheet welding. When the high-intensity beam hits the surface of the material, the metal surface will reflect and lose some of the energy, and the reflectivity varies with the surface temperature. During a pulse, the reflectivity of the metal varies greatly.

3.Pulse Width

Pulse width is one of the important parameters of pulse welding. It is not only an important parameter that is different from material removal and material melting, but also a key parameter that determines the cost and volume of processing equipment.

4.Influence of defocus amount

Because the power density in the center of the spot at the laser focus is too high, it is easy to evaporate into a hole. The power density distribution is relatively uniform across the planes away from the laser focus. There are two defocusing methods: positive defocusing and negative defocusing. The focal plane above the workpiece is positive defocus, otherwise it is negative defocus. According to the theory of geometric optics, when the distance between the positive and negative defocus planes and the welding plane is equal, the power density on the corresponding plane is approximately the same, but the shape of the molten pool obtained is actually different. When the defocus is negative, a larger penetration depth can be obtained, which is related to the formation process of the molten pool.

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