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What are the advantages of high-precision laser welding machines?
19 / 03 / 22
By Boya laser

What are the advantages of high-precision laser welding machines?

  The continuous maturity of laser technology for high-precision welding machines highlights the advantages of laser welding, and gradually replaces traditional welding technology and becomes the mainstream welding method in the modern welding field. In recent years, it is the leader in laser welding equipment. It is mainly used in the welding of some precision materials and has absolute advantages over ordinary welding machines.

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  Advantage 1: The welding quality of the high-precision Laser welding machine can reach the international standard level. The requirements for precision in design and development are more stringent. Only in this way can the degree of precision be significantly improved, the quality of the weld is high, flat and beautiful, without pores, and the toughness of the material after welding is at least equivalent to that of the parent material.

Advantage 2: The operation of high-precision Laser welding machines is relatively simple, especially hand-held high-precision Laser welding machines. The staff are more lightweight and convenient in the operation process, so they will be more professional and efficient when operating in different occasions. In the process of R&D and design, every technical detail is considered, so that the welding method will become more and more reliable and achieve a safer standard.

Advantage 3: The welding process of high-precision welding machines is simpler, and the models of high-precision welding machines currently on the market can meet the needs of welding production in various fields. The high-precision welding machine adopts a four-dimensional ball screw worktable, an imported servo control system, and an optional rotary worktable, which can realize automatic welding such as spot welding, linear welding, and circular welding. It has a wide range of applications, high precision and high speed.

The advantages of high-precision Laser welding machines are obvious. In addition to the above points, they also have the advantages of long working life and high power. In future market applications, high-precision Laser welding machines will have a wider range of applications. I will wait and see.

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