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One stop customized manufacturer of laser equipment

Foshan Boya Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the integration of laser equipment research and development, production and sales, and is determined to build a laser equipment manufacturer with vertical industrial integration capabilities.

The main products are: laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, laser and laser accessories.

[More than ten years of industry equipment experience]

Laser equipment R&D, design, production and service integrated manufacturer

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Rich Experience

Years of industry experience.


Square meters workshop.

High capacity

Units monthly output.

Wide range of business

Countries already sold.

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Help provide the best laser equipment selection.

Laser marking machine

Brand certification

More than 10 years of experience, famous brand.

Laser welding machine

Quality service

24 hours to the site for maintenance and repair services.

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Industry Solutions

Hardware industry

Hardware industry

Traditional sheet metal processing includes cutting, blanking and bending processes. The blanking process requires a lot of molds and wastes a lot of ...

3C electronics industry

3C electronics industry

The transfer of mobile phones from mobile terminals to smart terminals means that the functional requirements of mobile phones have increased, and mob...

Food industry

Food industry

With the development of the daily chemical, food, and pharmaceutical packaging industries, the original inkjet coding has increasingly shown its limit...

Construction machinery industry

Construction machinery industry

As a pioneer of cutting and welding in the laser industry, Boya Laser vigorously promotes the application of plane laser cutting machines, 3D laser cu...

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