Application of laser marking machine on food packaging
Application of laser marking machine on food packaging
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Introduction: There are many ways of packaging beverages today, including cans, plastic bottles, carton boxes, and so on. Beverage types are also available: fruit juice, milk, healthy drinks, purified water, fire tea, etc. Obviously, when people drink this drink, they will first pick it up to see the warranty date of this drink. How can the production period of these warranty days be reassuring? They are all pasted with self-adhesive stickers and mimeographed, but people will feel uneasy when this kind of logo is used, because the logo can be torn off and then put on, and the mimeographed You can also wipe down with a little ethanol. So what better way to make a mark that is trustworthy? Now a laser cutting plotter can be built.


Application case of bottled water Laser marking machine assembly line

In people's daily life, the date of manufacture can be seen everywhere, ranging from equipment to raw eggs, to the date of manufacture of baby milk powder in food, etc. The date of manufacture is deeply embedded in social life, which not only facilitates the steps for customers to trace products, but also facilitates The company manipulates the inflow of consumption of goods to prevent the occurrence of situations such as smuggling.

The bottom mark marked by the Laser marking machine for the date of manufacture of the beverage bottle is long-lasting, and it does not fade or fade easily. It is not something that can be wiped off by organic chemical objects. The key mark is integrated with the product, just like people in Coke A time code is stamped on the bottle, and if you are willing to remove the time code, there is no other way to make it look intact. Therefore, the mark on the Laser marking machine is credible, and it will cost more to remove it. So after that, we saw the laser-marked production date code when we purchased healthy drinks in large shopping malls. People can enhance their trust in this production date code, and no longer need to suspect that it was wiped and then printed, etc., etc. .

The production date Laser marking machine can carry a lot of information content, which is the basis for establishing product information tracking, but this means that each product can have its own production date. The traditional production date marking machine has a low level of automation technology. High efficiency is low, and laser marking can be used to quickly create one object and one code.


Real shot of fiber Laser marking machine

The Laser marking machine can not only perform laser engraving alone, but also can be equipped with a large number of laser engraving on the production line. It is simple and easy to understand, and the actual operation is very easy. The characteristics of the equipment are stable, the service life is also long, and it is only maintenance-free. With the development trend of industrial production, Laser marking machine has replaced the traditional mimeograph manufacturing industry. logo, etc. Laser marking has long been in the daily life of ordinary people, and the Laser marking machine for the date of manufacture of beverage bottles leads the marking manufacturing industry.

At this stage, the application of Laser marking machines with the date of manufacture in the manufacturing industries such as processing industry management information systems, food and pharmaceutical industries, product traceability and sales management, e-commerce and other manufacturing industries has already been very mature, and the requirements for production date Laser marking machines are also increasing. abundant. However, with traditional inkjet printing methods such as inkjet printers and thermal/thermal transfer printing, it has become increasingly difficult to consider the application fields and functional requirements of QR code images. The appearance of the Laser marking machine has produced a stronger feeling and a lot of probability for the application of the production date.

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