Application of laser marking machine in mobile power supply
Application of laser marking machine in mobile power supply
Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China


With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, some new composite materials have been continuously introduced into the field of pharmaceutical packaging. The original inkjet coding has increasingly shown its limitations in materials and technology, while laser marking technology has developed rapidly with its incomparable advantages.

First of all, the pharmaceutical industry pays attention to safety and hygiene, and has very high requirements on product labeling. The general spray marking method is often eliminated due to the paint containing toxic substances or environmental pollution, but laser marking is a non-contact and pollution-free marking method, so it is very suitable for medical packaging marking.

Secondly, the Laser marking machine marks medical supplies with stable reliability and durability. The marked information is clear and intuitive, has strong corrosion resistance, and is not easy to be altered and erased, which ensures the anti-counterfeiting of medical products.

Again, from an economic point of view, the Laser marking machine greatly improves the work efficiency, not only saves human resources, but also saves a lot of time. The marking of conventional products generally only takes 2-5 seconds. mark, faster.

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